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    Whether you’re financing an asset like a home or a car, or need a personal loan to cover surprise expenses, or simply want revolving credit for flexibility in your daily spending.

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Discipline, patience, reward
If you are committed to saving, consider opening a fixed deposit or notice account.

Investment Accounts

Our fixed deposit and notice accounts pay competitive interest, while offering a range of terms to suit your needs

Some of the benefits

Actively managed

We follow an active investment philosophy with a strong strategic bias

Wide choice

Choose from a range of actively-managed international investment solutions

Appropriate risk

We advise and help build a portfolio so you can meet your investment goals

Proven philosophy

Our rigorous, research-driven process produces outstanding results

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32 Days Notice Account

Save funds for a rainy day with a 32 Day Notice account, offering a higher interest rate than instant-access accounts. Cash can be withdrawn, or transferred to another account, once the notice period has passed.

Letter of Credit
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Call Account

Earn returns and retain quick access to your funds with a Call Account that grows as you invest. Your interest rate increases with your balance, and no service fees are charged

Fixed Deposit Account

If you would like to grow a lump sum of money, a Fixed Deposit Account is perfect for you. With your commitment to make a fixed monthly deposit, and a pre-agreed access date, your investment can safely grow over time.

Revolving term loan
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Flexi Access Account

Long term growth with the option to withdraw funds in emergencies, the Flexi Access Account is a fixed deposit account which allows early access to up to 30% of your funds, with no penalties, before the end of investment term.

Premium Call Account

Get instant access, advisory service and additional benefits when you invest in a Premium Call Account. Pay no fees or upfront commissions.

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