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Corporate Social Investment

The Bank’s sustainability and success are inextricably linked to the prosperity and wellbeing of all. To achieve our purpose, our core business activities must support and contribute to this prosperity and wellbeing. The reality facing us is that the Bank’s business activities have wide and far-reaching SEE impacts in the economies and communities in which we operate. We are committed to understanding these impacts, which are direct and indirect, and using this understanding to inform our decision-making at every level.

This enables us to maximise the positive impacts of our business, and minimise and mitigate the negative impacts, while simultaneously generating new business opportunities and financial returns for the group. Taking into consideration our wider SEE Pillars and, notably, our focus pillar of Job Creation and Enterprise Growth, the Bank seeks to make a sustainable impact through three broad themes. These are in keeping with our Purpose, that is “Botswana is out home; we drive her growth” and are noted in our CSI Policy. These themes are:

  • Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship: The main focus for the Bank’s CSI activities are now driven through the Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship space. This commitment is realised mainly through the Acceler8, Stanbic Bank Incubator, which is an incubator and coworking space with the sole vision of supporting entrepreneurs and youth in accessing mentorship, coaching, access to networking, markets and funding in one central place.
  • Education: Our aim is to empower Botswana’s youth with the necessary motivation and infrastructure to help promote academic excellence. This is part of a nationwide financial literacy drive we are proud to champion. It is a long-term vision, ensuring we educate our youth and support the journey of productive and sustainable knowledge-creation.
  • Health: Within the Health pillar, investment is mainly directed towards HIV/AIDS and non-communicable disease programmes.