Foreign Exchange Services
Let us handle your foreign transactions and provide guarantees and letters of credit.

Foreign Exchange

Reassuring your international partners with letters of credit, telegraphic transfers and bank guarantees.

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Provide financial assurance when making a business purchase. A Bank Guarantee is a valuable way to make business procurements, especially for smaller businesses, or large acquisitions. A Bank guarantee is an undertaking by the bank to make payments on a specific transaction, should you fail or be unable to make the payment. Contact a Stanbic banker for a fast and simple Guarantee application process.

Letter of credit
Letter of credit

Trade internationally with complete peace of mind with a Letter of credit. It is the safest way to transact internationally while protecting the interests of both parties. Allow Stanbic to facilitate your transaction through a written undertaking by the bank to pay the seller. This also ensures that the goods will conform to a pre-set list of standards and conditions, protecting you, the buyer. In this way, you and your seller are guaranteed a mutually beneficial trade.

Telegraphic Transfers

Simplify international transactions with a telegraphic transfer. Send money to foreign bank accounts directly from your Stanbic Business account. A Telegraphic transfer is a safe and simple way to transfer money internationally and guarantees that funds will be paid into the correct account quickly and seamlessly.

telegraphic transfers
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eMarket Trader

eMarket Trader is an electronic, cross-asset trading platform that includes real-time pricing, trades and post-trade services. Trade online from anywhere, at any time with speed and complete security. It is a fast and efficient business intelligence platform that is built around the needs of our customers.

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