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Save and plan for your future
Savings accounts to suit every need. Earn interest while keeping your money safe

Savings accounts

We offers several savings options to keep your money safe while earning interest at competitive rates

Some of the benefits


Seamless monthly instalment payments directly from your account.


Choose to revolve your loan or select a fixed repayment option.


Get favourable interest rates base on your credit profile.

Tailored products

Loans that fit your goals and your pocket.

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Koketso Savings account

This no-frills savings account offers immediate access to your savings, at a low cost, while paying interest at competitive rates. You pay no management fees and no deposit fees. Instead, you get free SMS alerts, and one free withdrawal every three months.

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Maitlamo Savings Account

Saving for a major expense, like a deposit on a home, or your children’s education? The most effective way to save in the long term is to make consistent, disciplined deposits for as long as needed. This plan requires a monthly stop order, over a fixed period, to guarantee you’ll have the money you need

Matshelo Savings Account

This unique product offers group savings for clubs, churches and groups of investors. By saving as a group, you can pool your deposits to rapidly build a large balance, which earns the highest interest rates. Free statements, SMS alerts (for up to five members), a free cheque book and no management fee.

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Structured Trade
Pure Save

If you are saving without a specific goal in mind, you’ll want access to your funds whenever they’re needed. The PureSave account is card-based and can be linked to your transactional accounts. Interest is tiered, so that the more you save, the more you earn

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