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This is Priority Pass,with over 850 lounges in 400 cities across more than 120 countries worldwide, you're never far away from a Priority Pass lounge. With a Priority Pass membership card, you will enjoy a premium airport experience, whatever your class of travel. Whether you want to make the most of the business facilities or simply sit back and relax, your Priority Pass enables you to escape the crowded departure halls and wait for your flight in peace and comfort. Priority Pass is the world’s leading and most prestigious independent provider of airport VIP lounge access.

Enjoy the benefits of your membership

Wherever you are, whoever you’re flying with, in whatever class of travel, sit back in a premium airport lounge and relax in total comfort.

Your Priority Pass membership entitles you to a range of benefits;

  • Access to over 850 VIP lounges in more than 120 countries and 400 cities worldwide
  • Access to the lounge regardless of class of travel or the airline you are flying
  • Complimentary refreshments in a relaxing ambiance – for both you and your guests
  • Access to business facilities - email, internet, phones, fax machines and even conference space in selected cities.

Activating your Priority pass is simple

Sign the back of your Priority Pass Card as soon as you receive it.

  • Go to prioritypass.com and click on Register in the top right hand corner.
  • Enter your 18 digit membership number as it appears in the front of your Priority Pass membership card.
  • Confirm a Username and Password, both of which must be a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.
  • Provide the answer to one of three security questions which may be used by Priority Pass Customer Services should you need to call in with a query on your account.
  • Select Create Account.
  • Once you have registered your Priority Pass Card, you can download the lounge directory here, use the lounge finder option.
  • You can view the latest Priority Pass newsletter, or retrieve your account password by using the ‘Forgotten password’ link.
  • Enjoy a warm welcome in any one of 850+ airport lounges by presenting your Priority Pass membership card.
  • Your card will be swiped and you’ll sign a receipt – or directly onscreen – to confirm your visit.

Finding a lounge is quick and easy

Wherever you are and whatever device you’re using, the Priority Pass lounge finder tools will give directions to, and details for, your nearest lounge, including:

  • Exact location in the airport
  • Opening hours
  • Facilities
  • Guest restrictions
  • Any other relevant information

The Priority Pass lounge finder tools:

Use the Priority Pass free app available for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. The app allows users to search for a lounge by typing the city or airport name as well as by scrolling through lists. You can save lounges as favourites, see recent searches and activate GPS to quickly find your nearest lounge. You can even update the data at any time and then use offline.

You can also download the latest lounge directory on www.PriorityPass.com

You can text the 3 letter airport code to: +44 7624 809 977 and Priority Pass will send you the lounge details by text. For example for London Heathrow you would text LHR.

If you’re unsure of the airport code, check your ticket or ask a member of staff.

You can also use our mobile website www.prioritypass.com/mobile to check if there is a lounge at your chosen airport by entering the three digit airport code, for example LHR for London Heathrow Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter a lounge without my Membership Card?

  • No. Unfortunately unless you can produce your membership card the lounge staff will not allow you access. Lounges are third party owned and operated and therefore Priority Pass is unable to influence lounge access should you attempt to enter without your membership card.

What is Priority Pass’s policy for taking guests into a lounge?

  • You can invite friends or guests to join you in a lounge. Most lounges will allow any number of guests but where there are limits; details are shown via the lounge search functionality on the website. There will be a charge for each guest at US$ 27 each.
    What is Priority Pass’s policy for taking children into a lounge?Many lounges will allow children entry at the prevailing guest rate of US$ 27 each however where there are limits, details are shown via the lounge search functionality on the website.

Can someone else use my card to gain access?

  • No. Your membership card is only valid for the member stated on the card.

How do I view my lounge visits?

  • Log-in to your account on the Priority Pass website where you can view all your lounge visits under the 'Lounge Visits' tab.



Report any suspicious transactions, lost or stolen cards to your Private Banker or our contact centre immediately. Your Private Banker will issue you a new card.

Three Standard Priority Pass Numbers are also available on the back of the Card to contact should you experience any issues.

Lounge Visit Fees

Please note there is no charge for the Priority Pass Membership and Card.

  • Membership includes 10 FREE airport lounge visits to participating airport lounges within Botswana and South Africa.  For any visits in excess thereof to participating airport lounges within Botswana and South Africa as well as any visits to participating airport lounges outside of Botswana and South Africa, visits will be charged at a fee of P350 per visit. This fee will also apply to exceeded limits in the secondary card.
  • A Secondary Card Priority Pass Membership and Card can be obtained at an annual fee of P400.00.
  • Lost Priority Pass Cards are replaced at a cost of P120.00 each.
  • Lounge Visit Access Fees are as follows:
    • Priority Pass Principal Member lounge visit rate is P350.00 per member, per visit (after the allocated FREE visit allowance has been used up).
    • Guest lounge visit rate is P350.00 per guest, per visit.
  • Some Priority Pass Lounges are free for children under the age of 12 but that depends on the Lounge visited. Please refer to the Priority Pass Website (www.prioritypass.com) for information in the regard.

Contact us

Lounge opening times, facilities and entry conditions are subject to change. Find the latest information updates via:

Website: prioritypass.com
Twitter: @prioritypasscom
Facebook: facebook.com/prioritypasscommunity

Newsletter: Monthly email newsletter. Sign up on the Members Area of the Priority Pass website.

All lounge information is refreshed on the Priority Pass website every 24 hours to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information.

United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 8680 1338
email: info@prioritypass.co.uk

Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2866 1964
email: pp@prioritypass.com.hk

United States of America
Tel: Toll-Free in USA/Canada/Mexico +1 800 352 2834
Elsewhere USA +1 972 735 0536
email: ppass@prioritypassusa.com


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