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Private Banking

What does it offer me?

Designed to meet your financial needs

The products and services available to you as part of your Private Banking package are carefully considered so as to complement your lifestyle by taking care of your financial needs.

Our Private Banking Package comes with your choice of cards, including a debit and/or credit card as well as a Private Banking Current account. Your card gives you a convenient way to pay for whatever you want, wherever you go. A Private Banking Current account is the cornerstone of your relationship with us. For a monthly management fee you get access to a Private Banker. You also have the option of opening foreign currency accounts.

Spouse account

As a Private Banker, you are entitled to a secondary account for your spouse. This account offers your spouse a full bouquet of platinum benefits at a 50% discounted monthly service fee.

You have your own savings and investments requirements. That is why we offer a range of savings and investment products for you to choose from, including call, notice and fixed deposits as well as a variety of other savings options.

You can choose that the products that best suit your needs, whether you want to invest your money in local or foreign currency or for short or long periods and earn a fixed or variable interest rate. The only unchangeable is the peace of mind of knowing that your funds are secure while at the same time earning competitive returns.

Your choice of lending options

There are various lending options open to you if you need them. You can discuss these with your Private Banker who will help you to decide which options are best suited to your requirements. If you need extra cash, you could qualify for a personal loan of up to P250,000 and/or an overdraft.

We’ll help you to choose the solution best suited to your needs, so you can rest assured that you have made the right decision. Our revolving credit facility gives you flexibility and our term loan facility is a customised product with payment period of more than one year. Loans are repayable in line with a repayment plan  agreed with you.

Property solutions

Whether you want to buy a home, holiday home or an investment property for rental purposes, we have the right solution and can advise you on the best product for your needs.

Our home loan solution is not only affordable and easy to obtain but also provides you with excellent benefits, making it the ideal way to maximise your property investment. With our home loan solution you can also renovate your existing home, build by mortgaging your existing property or generate future value in a new property. The choice is yours.

Vehicle financing

Whether you need finance for a vehicle, or any other movable asset, either new or used, we can help you to get it. We have a team of experts dedicated to helping you to buy the vehicle or asset of your dreams.

We’ll advise you on how to finance your purchase and give you competitive comprehensive insurance quotes, disability and life cover as well as top-up insurance.

So, whatever the vehicle or asset of your dreams, we offer you the easiest way to finance it.


Your life, your health, your worldly goods, you deserve them all, but fate doesn’t always deal us a fair hand. Without adequate insurance, unexpected events can put you and your family under severe financial pressure. That’s why we have developed a range of financial products and insurance plans to help you protect your wealth.

We understand your needs and are able to draw on resources from our global network of more 30 countries.

For more information on how to enjoy the benefits of this package, please contact your Private Banker or email [email protected]

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