Enjoy instant access to over 800 global Lounge Key airport lounges with your Stanbic Bank Visa platinum credit card. Simply present your card at the participating Lounge Key airport lounge reception and mention Lounge Key to escape and relax before take-off. There is no need to carry an additional piece of plastic in your wallet.

How does LoungeKey differ from Priority Pass?

LoungeKey is a network of worldwide lounges that allows entry just by presenting your Visa Platinum Credit Card. No membership card is required.  Priority Pass Members must have their valid Priority Pass membership card to gain entry to a lounge. 

Enjoying the Benefits of your LoungeKey Membership

Wherever you are, whoever you’re flying with, in whatever class of travel, sit back in a premium airport lounge and relax in total comfort.

Your LoungeKey membership entitles you to a range of benefits;

  • Access to over 800 VIP lounges in more than 120 countries and 400 cities worldwide
  • Access to the lounge regardless of class of travel or the airline you are flying
  • Complimentary refreshments in a relaxing ambiance – for both you and your guests
  • Access to business facilities - email, internet, phones, fax machines and even conference space in selected cities.

How to get started?

We have automatically enrolled you for LoungeKey so there is no need to sign up.


To discover more about the lounges available to you visit www.loungekey.com/stanbicbankbotswana  and search using the lounge finder facility.

You can also create your personal LoungeKey profile here, a must if you would prefer to use the LoungeKey app on your smartphone or tablet to locate your next lounge. Be sure to have your Visa Platinum Credit Card on hand as you will need to provide detail of this to confirm your eligibility.

LoungeKey Mobile App

Use your LoungeKey web account login and password to personalize the mobile app to show airport lounges available to you any time, any place.  Simply download the LoungeKey Mobile App from your app store (the mobile app is available for both Androids and iPhones).  By signing up on the website, your app will be able to find lounge locations and information about the facilities.

At the lounge

When you enter a LoungeKey lounge, inform the lounge receptionist that your Visa Platinum Credit Card is in the LoungeKey Program and present your eligible Visa Platinum Credit Card to the staff.  They will swipe the card to confirm your eligibility to access the lounge.  You will then be asked to confirm the visit information (date, location, and number of visitors), and sign the card reader to certify the lounge visit.  If requested, a receipt will be provided. 

Note that you are responsible to confirm all of the details of the transaction at time of entry, for example, number of guests you are bringing with you into the lounge. 

In the unlikely event that the receptionist isn’t familiar with LoungeKey, please double-check your app and show them the lounge listing.

Finding a Lounge is quick and easy

Information about LoungeKey, as well as a listing of lounges, restrictions and facilities available, is available on the web at www.loungekey.com/stanbicbankbotswana or on the Lounge Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to key in my PIN if my card requires a PIN for a transaction?

Your PIN will not be required to gain entry into a lounge, as your card is swiped at the lounge simply to verify eligibility. 

I don’t have my Visa Platinum Credit Card with me, can I still access the lounge?

Unfortunately, the lounge does not have the ability to check whether you are a valid customer of the LoungeKey program without swiping your Visa payment card.

Can someone else use my Visa Platinum Credit Card to access a lounge?

No, only the person named on the Visa Credit Card will be able to use the card to access the lounge. The lounge will check the name of the card holder against their boarding pass and their identification card / passport.

My Visa Platinum Credit Card expiry date is in the future but I have been denied access into the lounge, why?

Please contact the Bank who will be happy to confirm the status of your LoungeKey benefit.

My Visa Platinum Credit Card has been stolen, and I am awaiting a new card, can I still access a lounge?

Unfortunately, the lounge does not have the ability to check whether you are a valid customer of the LoungeKey program without swiping your Visa payment card.

My partner and I both have LoungeKey as a benefit on our Visa Platinum Credit Card, do we both have to present our cards when arriving at the lounge?

Yes, to ensure that you do not receive any unnecessary charges both Visa Platinum Credit Cards must be presented when entering the lounge.

How will I be charged for lounge visits?

Any lounge visit fees that you are responsible for will be charged directly to your Visa payment card.  These charges will typically appear within 5 days of your lounge visit.  The charge will be processed the same way as an eCommerce purchase – you will not be required to enter a PIN to approve the purchase. Your monthly statement will show a charge from LoungeKey Limited or an affiliated company.

I have been charged for a lounge visit that I don’t believe I should have been. What should I do?

Please contact the Bank directly with regards to any visit charge queries that you may have.

Can I bring guests?  Is there a limit to the number of guests allowed?

Each lounge has their own terms and conditions.  Typically, there is not a limit on the number of guests; however, each lounge has the right to limit guests based on occupancy and their own policy.  You can find the guest policy for participating LoungeKey lounges on the website.  experience.

If I have a comment, concern or dispute, who do I call?

You should contact the Bank directly to register any comments or complaints.

I have been denied access to a lounge because the system does not recognise my Visa Platinum Credit Card.

LoungeKey’s card readers are set up to recognise all participants in the LoungeKey program. If you have been denied access to the lounge because your card has not been recognized, please contact the Bank.

I was unhappy with my recent lounge experience.  How do I complain?

Please contact the Bank with detail of the lounge that you wish to raise a complaint about including the date and time of visit and the nature of your complaint.

The lounge attendant didn’t tell me there would be a charge for my guest, but I was charged for one.

Due to the nature of LoungeKey the lounge provider is unable to access any information regarding the charges that will be levied against you following your visit to a lounge. Please ensure that you check the visitor numbers entered by the lounge when signing in to the lounge. For further information, please contact the Bank.

Can I take children in for free?

Many lounges will allow children entry at the prevailing guest rate however, for more information regarding the policy within a particular lounge, please visit the lounge finder at www.loungekey.com/stanbicbankbotswana or on the LoungeKey Mobile App.

How long can I stay in a lounge for?

Each lounge will have its own restrictions on the length of time that you are able to stay. Where a time limit is imposed it may be possible to re-­enter the lounge after the initial period has expired. This will be at the discretion of the lounge. For more information regarding the policy within a particular lounge please visit the lounge finder.

Does LoungeKey get me Priority or Express boarding?

No, LoungeKey only provides access to lounges within your LoungeKey program. 

Lounge Visit Fees

Five (5) complimentary visits are applicable to both primary and secondary Private Banking Visa Platinum Credit Card Cardholders.  Should you exhaust your complimentary visits you still have access to the lounges, however, this will be at your cost.  The cost to gain access to the lounges is US $27.00 per member visit and US $27.00 per guest visit.

Contact us

LoungeKey has English speaking customer support representatives, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The representatives can provide you with the following lounge information:

  • Availability of lounges,
  • Location of lounges,
  • Opening hours of lounges,
  • Available facilities, and
  • Any specific conditions of use of the lounges (e.g. limit on time allowed in lounge, limit on number of guests allowed to be taken in the lounge, etc.).


The LoungeKey customer support numbers are:

USA +1 469 334 4714

UK +44 (0)208 865 0767

HK +852 3071 5062


Additionally, information can be found online at www.loungekey.com/stanbicbankbotswana


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