Comprehensive Funeral Plan

A Comprehensive Funeral Plan makes sure that you and your loved ones are laid to rest with dignity and respect. With an affordable monthly premium of P85.00, we guarantee cover of up to P15,000.00 for you and your family when it is needed most. We also offer cover for your parents-in-law and extended family for a low additional monthly payment.

What does it offer me?

Cover will be provided on death of the policyholder or a member of their family, according to the following benefit scales:

Table of benefits (Pula)

Main member P15,000.00
Spouse P15,000.00
Child 14-21 years old P4,000.00
Child 6-13 years old P3,000.00
Child under 5 years old P1,500.00

Features and benefits
The policy will remain in force for 12 months with no premium required for the immediate family on death of the main member.

Grocery benefit
The grocery benefit provides an additional benefit to the surviving family of P500 a month for six months after the death of the main member or their spouse. This benefit is paid as a lump sum of P3,000.00 together with the funeral benefit.

Double accidental death benefit

If the main member or their spouse dies from unnatural causes then the funeral benefit is doubled.

Tombstone benefit

The tombstone benefit provides an additional benefit of P3,000 payable to the surviving family on death of the main member.

Optional benefits

i. Parents and parents-in-law

Parents and parents-in-law can be covered for an additional premium. A maximum of two parents and two parents-in-law can be covered. The benefit is P5 000.00 for each insured.

ii. Extended family

Up to four extended family members can be covered for an additional premium. The benefit is P5,000.00 for each insured.

Who qualifies?

The Comprehensive Funeral Plan is only available to Stanbic Bank account holders. The benefit is taken up on a voluntary basis. A family can consist of one policyholder, one spouse and six children

Maximum number of policies
The maximum number of policies is three per person.

Waiting period
Your cover is only valid after a six-month waiting period for natural deaths, which means six months after your cover is approved.

Payment method
Debit order.

Payment of benefits
All valid claims will be paid within 48 hours of receipt and verification of all the necessary supporting documents.

How to apply?

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