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A notice deposit is an investment account that earns interest – and is accessible based on the notice period of 32 days.

What does it offer you?

  • You can add to your investment at any time as long as it is not less than P1 000.00
  • You can give notice on all or part of your investment - provided it is for at least P1 000.00
  • You can withdraw your money at your branch or have it paid into another account after expiry of the notice term.
  • The higher your balance, the higher your interest rate. Interest rates are variable, and any rate change is effective immediately.
  • Interest is calculated on your daily balance and paid into another account or reinvested every month.
  • If you have a Standard Bank AutoBank card you may open and manage your notice deposit account using Internet banking, at an AutoPlus or by phoning your nearest branch.

To apply?

  • A minimum account opening deposit of P1 000.00
    Speak to your Business Banker or Relationship manager.

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