Code of ethics

We are a large and diverse business. To drive our growth cohesively we have agreed on a number of common guidelines, including our Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics gives us more details about how our values apply in the workplace, including guidance on their application in specific situations. It is designed to:

  • Facilitate greater empowerment and faster decision-making at all levels of our business; and
  • Ensure that, as a significant player in the financial services industry, we adhere to the highest standards of responsible business practice in our interactions with all our stakeholders

Click here to read our Code of Ethics. 

If you believe any of our employees has breached our Code of Ethics, please call the Ethics and Fraud Hotline.

All countries *

Email: [email protected] or click here to report this online

Country name Hotline number
Botswana 0800 600 709
Ghana 0800 13 237
Kenya 0800 2213 268
Lesotho 80022222
Malawi 80005555
Mozambique 800 411 411
Namibia 0800 001 124
Nigeria 234 1271 7739
Tanzania 999
Zambia 350 377
Zimbabwe 08004040
Uganda 0800 200 160
Swaziland 24044471
South Africa 0800 113 443

*Covers the entire globe that is, includes all countries in the above table as well as countries not listed above, for example, the UK, US, China and Mauritius

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